Frequently asked questions


Does Online Spanish Lessons Work?

Before you think too hard – do you honestly know someone who has been able to communicate at an advanced level by simply using audio recordings or pre-recorded and un-customized language software? How can they understand, think, react, and talk in Spanish? Who is there to teach them their faults? To get to any higher level, a Spanish student must be exposed to real-life conversation. Conversational lessons with Spanish tutors is an active-form of learning, and a heck of a lot more fun that listening to a recording! And if you don’t believe me – there is only one way to find out! Try a free trial Spanish lesson

Can I try you online Spanish service for free?

Absolutely – we offer one free, 50 minute online Spanish lesson on Skype without any charge. Just sign up in the red form on the homepage.

Why would you offer a free online Spanish class?

We realize that learning a new language is a time-commitment, and sometimes humans need a kick in the butt to get going. By offering you a free class is our kick in your butt.

How does the free online Spanish class work?

A free trial online Spanish class is only available to first-time Let’s Go Spanish users. It is not available in conjunction with any other offer/special deal. Once you have filled out the form in the homepage, one of our administrators or teachers will confirm a time with you for your free class. At the scheduled time, one of our Spanish tutors will connect with you over the internet (normally Skype). This free lesson is both an evaluative session, as well as an informative one. Our goal is to understand you level, your desire in learning Spanish, as well as teaching you a few new things!


Do I need to take the test before my first lesson?

No. Our assessment on your level of Spanish will be learned during our free trial class. If for some reason you did not take a free class, our teachers can evaluate you within a few minutes of your first class. Kind of like speaking to a foreigner in your own country – you can adapt your speech to their comprehension levels pretty quickly!

What level of Spanish should I be to gain the most benefit from your services?

Short answer: Any level.

Long answer: Any level AND the effort you put into it.

What are the main advantages from traditional Spanish classes?

At the end of the day, “learning” a language is communicating verbally. This is what LetsGoSpanish focuses on, in a 1-on-1 environment. For a very low-cost option, you can learn in this fashion with the flexibility of times to suit your lifestyle, and the convenience of participating wherever you have an internet connection

What does the curriculum look like?

The fact of the matter is that everyone learns at different paces, and has different learning goals. Not only does our Spanish teachers go through the natural progression of teaching, you have the flexibility on focusing on certain topics, grammatical points etc. in which you are having trouble with.

How do online Spanish classes work?

The online Spanish classes are done using a free online voice software called Skype. This technology allows the teacher and student to interact like they are talking over the phone. Furthermore, a webcam can be used with this program should the student prefer to see the teacher as well.

How do I book a lesson?

A paid student will set the first lesson (or more if they choose) with the administrator immediately after purchase. A great idea would be to set a weekly schedule for yourself – however, one of the benefits of online language learning is time flexibility. Thus, feel free to book subsequent Spanish lessons with your teacher as you go to what suits you best..

How many weekly Spanish lessons do you recommend?
The easy answer is the more the better, however this really depends on your personal schedule. Your brain can maintain the new information learned through frequent repetition and practice. That being said, you want to find that happy-medium where learning Spanish fits in your lifestyle, and to not make it feel like a chore. Normally, 2 or 3 lessons per week would fit in here.

Do the purchased classes expire?

The purchased lessons have an expiration of 6 months on under 30 hours. For 30 hours or more, the Spanish lessons have an expiration of 12 months.

How long are the classes?

55 Minutes. The teachers often work back-to-back lessons, and may need the few minutes for a quick breather in between lessons. This also helps make sure that the lesson does not overlap with another.

Is the class only spoken in Spanish?

The teachers will speak as much Spanish as possible during practice and instruction. Your brain will learn best when it is stretched in a new capacity – in this case – speaking a higher-level of Spanish! There may be times where a little English may be used for complete understanding, but you will find that this will be less and less as you improve.

Can I cancel a scheduled class?

Yes. Things happen- and sometimes you need to tend to priorities. We humbly ask you however, to give 12 hours notice to your teacher in event of a cancellation. Not doing so will result in a forfeiture of your lesson.

What if I am late for a class?

Classes start punctually, and so does the end of the lesson. Should your teacher have time after the scheduled end, then they may be willing to accommodate, however this is an exception rather than the rule. The best thing to do is to email your Spanish tutor or our administrator letting us know how long you will be late.

What will I be taught?

Based on what level of Spanish you are is where your teacher will start.

Beginner Spanish students will learn things like understand and saying frequently used expressions (ie. How are you? What is your name? Where is the bathroom?)

Advanced Spanish students can express their ideas and feelings articulately, and understand various complex situations.

Lastly, students preferring to focus on a subject such as “travel Spanish”, the lessons will focus on learning how to deal in everyday situations when travelling in a Spanish-speaking country.

Do I need any materials for the class?

No. As the focus is on conversation, the teachers do not require you to buy specific books. However, the complete learning experience would be to supplement your classes with books, videos, music etc. Should you like a teacher to go through with you on a specific book that you like, then we can have a discussion about making these arrangements. We will also build a Spanish resource page on this website to help recommend some additional material that you may find useful.

What times of the week does the Spanish tutors teach?

We understand that our students are busy, and we try to be as flexible as can be. We like to consider ourselves to have some of, if not, the most flexible times in this industry. Many tutors are available morning through night, and have a wide range of weekend availability.


How much do the Skype lessons with LetsGoSpanish cost?

Please see our Costs section to find the pricelist for the various packages.

Are there any other costs involved, or hidden fees?

No. The class fee is all you pay.

How can I pay you?

We accept Paypal and Google checkout payments where you have the freedom to use popular credit cards.

What happens if I need a refund?

In the unlikely event that you request a refund, it is permitted within 60 days of the initial purchase. There is a service charge of $20. If any classes are used, then the balance refunded is calculated by assuming you purchased the classes used at the going rate of the relevant package. (Example: if 10 classes of 30 were used, you will receive the difference between the 30-hour package price, and the 10-hour price).


What are the backgrounds of the Spanish teachers?

All of our teachers are native Spanish-speakers that live in or near Antigua, Guatemala. The all have specific experience in teaching foreigners Spanish. In fact, some have up to 30 years.

What is your teaching focus?

We believe in the most important method to teaching a language is conversational. This is also the aspect where most students suffer vs. reading and writing. Thus our teachers will focus on the building blocks to making your conversational skills in Spanish reach new heights. These include teaching new vocabulary, pronunciations, grammar, and colloquial speaking habits – the latter is especially difficult to learn in a textbook! Just like a conversation, a teaching session is dynamic, and will go as slow or fast as the student needs before they move on.

What if I prefer another teacher?

In the unlikelihood that you would prefer a different teacher than the one assigned, feel free to give us your comments and request to change. No problem.

Do the teachers speak English?

Most teachers can speak a certain level of English, however, you ARE here to learn Spanish, right?

Do I always practice with the same teacher?

It is up to you, but generally yes. The other consideration is if you need to have a class on a specific time that is already taken, then you may be able to switch to another teacher.

Where are the teachers from?

Our teachers work and live in or near Antigua, Guatemala.

Why Guatemala?

Other than the founder’s connections to Guatemala, it is home to some of largest communities of Spanish-learning in the world. This includes a small colonial town called Antigua, which is arguably the epicentre of this learning.

The abundance of Spanish schools and the sheer amount of foreigners studying there assures a very high quality environment in which to learn due to the high competition. Our teachers have all taught face-to-face in this environment, and have had great experience teaching to small groups, one-on-ones in person and Skype classes.


What kind of hardware and software do I need?

For Windows you need a minimum of: PC running Windows® XP, Vista or 7, both 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

For Mac you need a minimum of Mac OS X v10.5.8 (Leopard) or newer.

You will also need to download Skype (see below), and a microphone and speakers (headphone preferred).

Do I need a headphone?

As long as you can hear and be heard through your computer, then you do not. However, we do recommend the use of them simply as it allows you to clearly hear your Spanish teacher’s pronunciation. Listening to a new language is tough enough, let alone in a low-decibel, muffled environment.

What is Skype?

Our teachers utilize a program called Skype, that you will need to download.

Skype is very easy to download and use, and allows people to call each other’s computer You can download or learn more about Skype directly at

Like anything, the faster the internet, the better -DSL or Cable are optimal.

You can learn more about Skype at, and download it for Windows here, and Mac here, and Linux here

Do I need a webcam?

The webcam option is completely up to you. Most students tend to use them, so if you feel that it will add to your experience, then by all means request to use with your teacher.

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